добавки от солнца


Sunscreen creams with UVA/UVB with filters block only 5% of the total range of harmful radiation!

Slow down photo -starting from all types of rays, reduce the risks of pigmentation, damage to the skin and DNA cells, redness and burns — only support from the inside will help!

Protect skin from the sun is needed by everyone, as well as if:

You have sensitive skin and you quickly burn
You have problem skin, acne, rosacea, in summer exacerbation
There is a risk of pigmentation
There are already pigment spots, freckles, lentigo
Want to slow down aging and the appearance of wrinkles
You plan a vacation and want to prepare the skin for tanning
Want to reduce skin damage to the sun and free radicals
You need a ready -made selection of sunscreen and safe means that I recommend

Up to 90% of wrinkles and lack of elasticity of the skin are associated precisely with the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

It is necessary to protect the skin not only on sunny days at sea, but also in the summer in the city — when we drive a car or just walk!

This will help additives and high -quality sunscreen creams, without toxic and unstable obsolete filters.

What is in the program:

✔️ Scheme of additives to prepare for the active sun
✔️ Scheme of additives to protect the skin from the sun and photo starting
✔️ Additives to reduce pigmentation risk
✔️ Additives with increased skin sensitivity to the sun
✔️ Addition for children from 3 years old, reduce the risks of burn

✔️ Working dosages and research for each supplement
✔️ Address reception rules
✔️ Links to working drugs that can be bought in Russia and on iHerb
✔️ Bonus! A selection of 20 safe sunscreen for the face and body, including children!

Access to the program immediately after payment! All materials remain with you forever.

Program format:
27 pages in PDF format, including ready -made additives and dosage schemes, a selection of high -quality sunscreen creams.
A program for the whole family, for you and your loved ones!