Problems with blood vessels and blood circulation are the cause of mortality number 1 in world.

The Program «Reducing Cholesterol».

Solves problems:

1) help reduce cholesterol without statins.
2) If you drink statins, then reduce side effects.

What in the program?

✔️ The main causes of why cholesterol rises
✔️ What tests and what to look at them
✔️ Additional tests for evaluating cardio risk
✔️ Decryption of all laboratory indicators for cholesterol
✔️ Three cholesterol reduction factors that the doctor will not tell
✔️ Scheme of additives: work dosages + links to specific drugs
✔️ A selection of additives from Russian pharmacies
✔️ Plus separately, links to all Saicerb additives

The program is developed taking into account all scientific research and the latest trends in the field of preventive medicine!

This is a complete plan for working with cholesterol, which will not be given in the clinic!

What will you get:

Effective proven additives scheme
Only scientific-proven dosages for each supplement
All additives can be bought both on iherb and in Russia! I give specific links to working drugs.
Materials will remain with you forever
You will receive access to the program immediately after payment
Adult program over 18 years old