Insulin resistance occurs in 1 out of 3 inhabitants of the planet. And after 40 — 45 years — almost half of the people.

You are at risk if you notice one of the symptoms:

The waist volume in women is more than 80 cm (at the navel level)
The weight is «stuck» at a dead point and diet are not effective
Campaigns to the gym do not help remove fat on the stomach and sides
Multiple papillomas on the body
Darkening of the skin in armpits, neck, folds
Constant feeling of hunger, food dependence
Reduction of concentration, attention, forgetfulness

Insulin resistance is a condition that is not treated in a clinic until it goes into diabetes and a lifelong medication is required.

According to the program, you can independently diagnose insulin resistance and use a non -hormonal diagram of additives for recovery.

What is in the program:

✔️ A comprehensive strategy for working with insulinthrinity
✔️ Meding recommendations
✔️ Laboratory diagnostics with decoding each indicator
✔️ Scheme of additives that reduces insulinthrinity
✔️ dosage, research and recommendations for each addition
✔️ Links to working drugs + alternatives in Russia

✔️ Access to the program immediately after payment, all materials remain with you forever

The program is developed on the basis of modern and scientific research, taking into account the experience of my American colleagues, and functional medicine doctors.

Compliance with the program is able to reversal insulinthrinity, prevent prediabetes and type 2 diabetes!

*The program can be used independently or in addition to therapy that you use with your doctor.

** Recommendations are relevant for women and men.
Men should use the maximum dosages specified in the scheme.