Friends are the long -awaited novelty in my arsenal of workers and effective protocols!

This is a basic program necessary for absolutely everyone to restore healthy digestion and gut.

The state of our digestion affects the mood, immunity, the state of energy/vigor, the skin, hair, the absorption of vitamins and trace elements from food and additives.

90% of the success of the restoration of deficits, the absorption of protein, the absence of Helicobacter is a healthy digestion and intestines!

Protocol «Against the swelling of the intestine».

It solves problems: bloating, gas accumulation, a feeling of heaviness, inflated abdomen as a «balloon» after eating.

✔️ This is a basic intestinal health protocol!
✔️ Strategy for restoration of acidity of gastric juice.
✔️ Scheme of additives with dosages and links to drugs to restore digestion.
✔️ Reception of food enzymes: to whom, when and how much.
✔️ Meding recommendations to restore intestinal motility.
✔️ Diagnosis of low acidity, Helicobacter, Siberia, digestion disorders.

The protocol «with the constipation of the intestines».

It solves problems: impaired intestinal function with hypothyroidism, endocrine and neurological diseases, with an age -related slowdown of digestion, and chronic constipation.
✔️ We will analyze all the reasons for the constipation.
✔️ Golden standard for the treatment of constipation.
✔️ Scheme of additives with dosages and links to drugs to get rid of constipation.
✔️ Recommendations to enhance the protocol.
✔️ Probiotics that effectively work with constipation.
✔️ Express-tool for fast assistance with constipation, which does not cause addictions.

The Healthy intestines program is designed for women, taking into account the experience of my American colleagues from the closed association of nutriziologists.

As well as reliable and modern research!

All additives give a comprehensive result, enhancing each other’s effectiveness.
You can use for men, choose the maximum dosages from the protocols.

What will you get:
Two basic protocols to restore healthy digestion and intestines
Work schemes of additives
Selection, dosage, all nuances of admission
Links to buy supplements in Russia and iHerb
You will receive program after payment